Public Art Statement

My work in public art playfully re-invents icons familiar in pop culture and art history, with the intention of linking a contemporary site with its over-arching cultural narratives.   The social, architectural and functional realities of each specific site guide my work in developing noteworthy imagery, as well as in choosing the placement, scale and material construction of the artwork.   I use a practical and safe application of materials:  fiberglass, fabricated steel, ceramic form, tile, automotive paint, and integrated lighting.

The formal concepts and vocabulary of my work are generously inventive.  I develop concepts in close collaboration with the project consultants, landscape architects, the client and civic entities - grounding formal imagery of the artwork within a community vision and within a resilient and tough artistic integrity.

Living in Rome as a grad student I was fascinated by the power of good urban/ streetscape design and its intentional enfolding of sculpture as a counterpoint to architectural rhythms, visually setting the stage for a rich social drama.  It was in this context that I was moved to become a sculptor.  I have since created site work in street contexts for decades, from sculpture interventions in storefront windows and traffic islands in NYC, to creating signature works integrated within transportation infrastructure. 

I have worked with 4Culture, Metro King County and KPFF Consulting Engineers on the Eastgate Park & Ride (Bellevue, WA), with Sound Transit and Zimmer, Gunsel and Frasca on the Lynnwood Transit Center (recognized in the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Year in Review for 2004), and with Vulcan NW Inc. on the  Thomas Street streetscape.  I have worked with 4culture and the Seattle Monorail on the Monorail guideways design criteria.

——  Claudia Fitch

Claudia Fitch is represented by: Greg Kucera Gallery, Seattle WA
Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York, NY
4Culture Public Art Registry