Floating Mechanism: Journey

Floating Mechanism PAM installation PAM Exhibit

Exhibit: Claudia Fitch, May5 - August 12, 2012,  APEX Gallery, Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR

Dimensions: 48" H x 132" W x 180" D

Medium: ceramic, paint, steel, wood, plastic

Date: 2012

Description: This image shows two sculpture installations within a small, complex space. Cloud Morph (upper left) was conceived specifically for the this site, as a visual element that activates the high slanting ceiling of the gallery and draws the viewer into the hidden space behind the wall. Floating Journey (center) is also site specific, low-tech, sci-fi dreamscape. The viewer enters at the blue “pool” entry right front, and imagines a journey across an impossible, treacherous, hyper-active field.