Colossal Heads

photo of 4 Individual Heads of "Colossal Heads"

Location: Qwest Stadium, Washington State Exhibition Center, Seattle WA

Date of Completion:  2002

Project Budget: $150,000 (2002 dollars)

Medium: fabricated steel, fiberglass, automotive epoxy paint

Dimensions:  Arcade site: 450’L x 50’W x 50’H, sculpture: 6’H x 4’W x 3’D

Description:  Six sculptures mounted 13’ high on six central columns within the Stadium Arcade entrance along Occidental Avenue.  The sculptures are a visual link between the human scale of the sidewalk space and he immense monolithic presence of the Arcade columns.   Inspired by the larger than life statuary of Rome’s ancient civic arenas, carnival masks, penny arcade signage and trademark iconography, the sculptures enhance the ritual of entry from a city street into a stadium event. 

Design Team:  Ellerbe Beckett Architects
Client:  Vulcan NW, Inc.

Photo: QUADRANT DETAILS (top left clockwise): Ivory Coast Man, Sleeping Royalty, Dutch Elvis, Constantine