Placeholders: Cloud, Rock, Tree

photo of Placeholders

Location:  Proposal for Block 40, Thomas Street and Terry Avenue, Seattle, WA

Medium:  plants, cast concrete, brick paving integrated with sidewalk

Dimensions:  seating 18”H x 30”W 18”D , landscaping and paving variable

Project Budget:  $182,000

Date of Completion:  May, 2007

Description:   The art concept is inspired by the history of Terry Avenue, an industrial use  neighborhood in the early 1900’s which still contained remnants of the original old growth forests standing in sharp contrast to its newly formed urban grid.  The artwork references the survivor trees using an urban vocabulary with brick,  steel, sidewalk planting beds.  A “random” composition of oval elements in balance to the grid of the architecture, the artwork includes the landscape design as well, taking into consideration street lighting, a streetcar catenary system, parking strips and seating.  Public art site  addresses several audiences: pedestrians, motorists and streetcar ridership.

Client: Westlake Terry Venture LLC.

Design team: Mark Brennan, Caliston Architects, Kris Snider, Landscape Architect