Pan Time

photo of Pan Time

Location: Pantages Apartments, Seattle WA

Materials:  fiberglass, epoxy automotive paint

Dimensions:  6’H x 4’W x 2’D (2 sculptures),  13”H x 18”W x 4”D (1 sculpture)

Budget:  $25,000 (2005 dollars)

Date of Completion: 2005

Client: Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program

Design Team:  Stickney Murphy Romine Architects

Description:  Three sculptural figures, representing the ghosts of early century vaudeville performers (a man, woman and monkey) are placed within the secured courtyard of the 1907 home site built by Alexander Pantages, founder of the nationwide Pantages vaudeville circuit in the early 20th century.  Historically, performers of the Pantages circuit called their long tour “Pan Time” which contained their time on stage, on the road and in temporary lodgings – and it is known that the vaudeville performers stayed at this site.  The title and artwork plays with time and place as a non-linear, multi-layered reality.  Placement and gestures of the sculptures are drawn from photos and the vivid fastasy of vaudeville life, and are not pinned down to a specific narrative.  Intending to invite individual interpretations on the site’s architecture and era, the “ghosts” of its original use playfully mix with the contemporary life of the apartment building.