photo of Shift, public art at Lynnwood Transit Center

Location: Center for the Arts PlazaGresham, OR

Medium: fabricated steel and epoxy paint finish

Dimensions: • Trumpet: 23'H x 6'W x 6'D

                         •  Pen/Trumpet: 28'H x 3'W x 3'D
                         •  Tutu/Pen: 22'H x 5'W x 5'D
                         •  Sumi Brush/Trumpet: 24'H x 4'W x 4'D

Date of Completion: 2010

Client: Gresham Center for The Arts Foundation; Gresham, OR

Description: Titled FineTunedTulle, the four sculptures are based on the theme of the four arts (visual art, music, literature and dance) and are inspired by four chosen instruments representative of the arts: the paintbrush, the trumpet, the fountain pen and the tutu. The artwork reflects the finely contoured shapes of all these tools (the tulle construction of the tutu being no less precise than the others). And, like the verbal pun of the working title, I saw an opportunity in these tool forms to play with their elegant sculptural shapes in a kind of cross–referential way, switching functionality with humor, and punning on their visual similarities and differences.

Project Budget: $175,000

Design Team: Claudia Fitch. Plaza designed by GreenWorks; Portland. OR