Cloud Morph

Cloud Morph- PAM Exhibit

Exhibit: Solo Exhibition: Claudia Fitch May 5 - August 12, 2012, Apex Gallery, Portland Art Museum

Dimensions: 40”H x 26”W x 20”D

Medium: porcelain, metal leaf, aluminum, steel cable

Description: Cloud Morph is a sculpture suspended from the ceiling, constructed of multiple porcelain parts and creating a chandelier-like form. The geometric pattern of suspended spheres creates a stylized cloud that morphs into a female figure. As with my other work, the female form is a self-portrait /protagonist that is visualized as furniture, interior decor, commodity, and/or architectural embellishment. I am also interested in how the popular icon or commodity might also be seen as an unlikely archetype: Cloud Morph integrates the gestures of the Breck Shampoo Girl (a prevalent childhood icon) with the ancient concept of the Cloud (surrender, transformation), and reflects the 1960’s model of femininity within a more humorously existential light.

Collection: Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR