Chandelier with Milk Drops

photo of Chandelier with Milk Drops

Exhibit: “Clay Body”, September 2003, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA

Dimensions:  180”H x 43”W x 26”D

Medium:  glazed ceramic, paint, gold leaf, brass, steel cable, aluminum structure

Budget:  $25,000
Description:  Inspired by the high-ceilinged gallery, the sculptures suggest “chandeliers” integral to the grand open space. In the tradition of European Chinoiserie, a decorative style that romanticized notions about Asia, the ceramic constructions were motivated by my Seattle experience of East meets West, travels through art history books, and queries into different spiritual traditions. The imagery of the upside down Buddha came from a dream, but was fleshed out through images of Hindu Shakti, Meissen Bavarian Milkmaids, knick knacks from Japan at Higo Variety Store, and 1950’s cartoons.  I was unconscious that this upside-down figure looked mostly like my own body.  This installation subverts decorative display conventions to reveal the subconscious, and blurs boundaries between gallery and public art.

Collection:  The Tacoma Art Museum