The Balance of One Order Within Another

photo of The Balance of One Order Within Another

Location:  Eastgate Park & Ride, Bellevue WA 

Medium:  fabricated steel, fiberglass, epoxy paint, lighting

Dimensions:  Retention pond: 360’ L x 60’W, sculpture columns: 6’-12’H x 1’W

Project Budget:  $176,000

Date of  Completion:  2004

Description: Suggesting temples, miniature formal cities, or the classical columnar supports of modern-day infrastructure, the artwork consists of three groupings of silver columns integrated within the retention pond habitat landscape.  The columnar patterns intend to provide a balanced geometric rhythm to the wild unruliness of the pond environs.  Each grouping has its own distinct lighting, and serves as a constellation-like lantern for commuter travel‚ and dawn and dusk.   The pond also serves as a traffic island and the view of each constellation changes and evolves as one traverses around the island. The site is a metaphor for the co-existence of habitats civic and wild.

Client: METRO King County

Commissioning Agency: 4Culture, Seattle WA

Design team:  KPFF
Consulting Engineers, MBT Architecture.